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Our Facility

Parisi Speed School Baldwinsville has now relocated to a new location.  Now on the second floor of the CNY Family Sports Centre, we can offer athletes an even better training experience!  Upgrading our turf space to over 3,000-square-feet, with 40 yards in length.   Our turf facility is perfect for team training in any weather. We also offer a functional training area, perfect for strength training with our Total Performance and P.E.A.K. athletes!  We are located at 7201 Jones Road, near Syracuse in Central New York.  Come check us out!




Located on the second floor of the CNY Family Sports Centre, your athlete or team has the opportunity to maximize their training experience by training on our turf and functional training area.



Our Functional Training space offers our Total Performance and P.E.A.K. athletes the opportunity to complement their speed training with strength training as well.



With over 3,000 square feet and 40 yards in length, our athletes are offered the best training experience to maximize their traqining experience.



New addition to the Parisi Speed School, our very own TRED SLED!



We have many pieces of equipment specific to our speed training training program such as the TRED Sled, Vertimax trainer, and our staples, the Power Runner and Reverse Hyperextension equipment.